Friday, September 21, 2012

Understanding New House Builders 3D Designs

Three dimensional modelling presents one of the most easily accessible opportunities for translating proposed design ideas into physical representations. It is therefore a very useful tool for architects and designers in all fields for communicating designs to clients who have never had to decipher standard blueprints or working drawings before. If you are hiring new house builders, however, you may still find 3D designs difficult to understand, and it is worth learning a little more about the medium in order to be able to predict exactly what your home will look like.

One of the best advantages of 3D blueprints is that they easily make the setting of the home in its surrounding visible to the client. Whereas traditional design illustrations will leave the area around the home completely blank, the three dimensional image will at least show the angle at which the new house builders will construct the home, displaying the scale of the home in relation to the neighbouring homes and the street as a whole. This should make the lifestyle opportunities presented by the house more clear and should prompt discussion on possible landscaping plans and outdoor structures.

To understand 3D modelling, there is no need to become an expert on the programs used or even to know how to use them yourself, but it would help to learn how to navigate your way through the program in order to independently assess the designs. Most 3D rendering programs are quite complicated, in terms of creating an image or floorplan, even the beginner level models, so there is no shame in leaving the design process up to the professionals. When it comes to making the important decisions, however, you need to know what you're looking at so you won't be disappointed later.

When surveying 3D models you should always keep in mind that although the blueprints provide you with a fabulous prediction of how your new house builders will construct, they don't actually show you the full picture. Although all dimensions and materials should be accurately portrayed, the 3D image may not show how the home will look in its actual environment, in day light and in the weather. Similarly, a design may look very impressive as a 3D model, but may not actually stand up to your everyday usage. To get the most comprehensive representation of your architectural designs, you should inspect the 3D models as well as the two dimensional working drawings and materials listings.

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