Sunday, September 23, 2012

Choose The Right Site To Build Your Dream Home

Natural disasters such as earthquakes or tornadoes put a lot of people in the position of needing to move or rebuild their lives. With insurance payouts, many people are able to begin searching for the ideal spot to rebuild. There are a number of things to consider when looking for a new piece of land to build on.

One of the most important things if you are moving to or relocating within the city is finding the right section. You don't just need something large enough; you need a section in the right location and with the right features to suit your new property. Before you choose a site to start building your dream home, make sure you're checking off the following aspects of any site.

Sun exposure

Do surrounding houses have large fences? Are there trees on neighbouring sections that will block the sun? See how the sun hits the property throughout the day and plan your build accordingly. Having windows facing the right way for maximum sun exposure doesn't just increase the natural light within your home but it will save you money on your heating bill as well.

How will the driveway fit in?

Driveways are expensive and the way you plan around yours will have a huge impact on the cost of your build. If you're building your home toward the end of your property and planning a long or curving driveway, you could be adding thousands to the cost of your build.


If you're moving to a urban area, take a look at how far away your neighbours are. Build further back on the section for more privacy and with enough distance from fences that you won't be blocking out the sun.

Shape of the land

Building on perfectly flat land is easiest, but you aren't always going to buy a section that's perfect. If there is sloping, think about how you can take advantage of it. Build on top of a slope that faces down toward the street, use uneven terrain for an interesting backyard or garden or, if you are uncertain, have everything leveled before you start your build.

Talk with your architect

Before you buy, when you're still looking at sections, make sure you talk to your architect about what you've found and whether it will be suitable for what you have planned.

The right property makes all the difference in terms of potential value and lifestyle. Do the research and choose the right site for your dream home build.

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