Thursday, August 30, 2012

Benefits of Buying a Kit Home

Owning a home is one of the many fulfilments of family life. For some, building their very first house is a dream come true. But let's face the fact that it is not easy and cheap to purchase a piece of real estate somewhere in the city. For most people who are looking for practical and affordable alternatives, a kit home is a better choice.

Kit homes are popular among those who are looking for alternative living space. Many families are looking into this option because it offers a number of benefits that other types of homes or real estate property cannot provide. For starters, kit homes can be built by the owner since it is packaged with the necessary materials, inclusions, and guidelines. It is a true DIY project on a general sense.

Another important thing to note is the range of kit home prices. You can easily choose a style that will fit your budget. By browsing the internet, you will see a range of design and structure, plus the prices of each kit. You will normally find a one-storey with two bedrooms for around $80,000. But, of course, there are other possible fees such as those for transport and delivery; building permit and other paperwork; labor fees; and others.

Since kit homes are mostly broken-down parts or pieces, you will only need to complete the actual construction once the materials arrive at your property. This makes kit homes more eco friendly since there's minimal waste. And this is also beneficial for homeowners since there's less clean up and expense.

If you compare the traditional way of building a home, it usually takes months. Concrete slabs take a few weeks to dry up. Painting the home from inside-out would take days and the smell of chemicals can be unbearable. If you choose to build a house using a kit, you will be able to eliminate these hassling factors as the manufacturer will do the work for you. All you have to do is put the parts together on your own or with a hired contractor.

Building a kit home is not just cost-effective, but also very flexible. As mentioned above, you can either build it ala DIY or hire someone with the expertise in construction. Another way to do it is to choose from the company's offers. Sometimes you'll find options such as final product for delivery, lock-up stage option, and bare [owner to finish all the work needed].

So, if you think you are ready to build your dream home, a kit home can be very satisfying. It is practical, easy on the budget, and builder-friendly.

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