Friday, October 26, 2012

Important Factors To Consider When Searching For Granny Flats

Giving your old folks a new home is a great idea, but it also needs to be done in a cost-effective way. These days, thanks to granny flats or similar kit homes in the market, you can provide your elderly their own peaceful abode without leaving the main premises.

The first thing to remember is that you're also going to build a home on a vacant piece of lot. It will need plumbing, electricity, lighting, and all other aspects involved in construction, only lesser in terms of processing time. You need to consider these as essential factors because your folks will need them when they already reside the flat.

Plumbing is an important aspect, so it is best to put up the fixtures strategically. This also goes for the external plumbing and location of the actual flat. It is best if you'll use the existing pipe lines to connect the ones for the granny flat to avoid expensive fees. No need to dig another hole for the sewerage system and plumbing devices for the external connections, so it is best to hire an expert to do this.

Providing a home for your elderly folks should also include proper location for the flat. There should enough natural light that goes in the flat once it's complete. This also saves a lot of electricity and money once everything is in place.

It is always important to consider the size of the flat and the furnishings. If your extra lot is big enough for a two bedroom flat, it is possible to get nice pieces of furniture and appliances for your folks. Take the measurements of the doorways, hallways, rooms, and other areas where the furniture will be placed. Make sure to buy the necessary furniture and appliances first, put them in place, and decide whether or not to buy a few extras.

Remember that most granny flats are smaller than regular homes. So, these structures only need minimal furnishings and the basic appliances. However, these flats can be customized accordingly to the liking of your elders. It is best to choose neutral color schemes or those that will blend well with the main house. You should also involve your folks in the planning phase because this home will be theirs once it's already complete.

Providing safe and comfy granny flats should always be the top priority. All these other factors are enhancements to make your folks enjoy their new home for a long time.

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