Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Buying a New Home Checklist

Whether you're a first time or fifth time buyer, finding the house of your dreams doesn't always happen overnight. But when you do find the perfect new home, it can be tempting to rush in and being the buying process right away.

That is where this 'buying a new home checklist' comes in. It is jam-packed with top tips and expert advice to help you breeze through the buying process:

1. First off, you should inspect the property for any structural damage or similar issues. You don't want any nasty surprises when you move in! If there is any work that needs doing, get these costs taken off the sale price of the property and ensure the work is done before you move in.

2. When you're happy you want to proceed, make a well researched bid. Consider property prices in the area, as well as the advertised price. Work with your solicitor to come up with the best (and lowest) offer.

3. Ask a surveyor to check that all the gas, electric, and water is in sound working order. The same goes for any security alarms and the state of the locks to the property. You want to be safe and sound in your new home.

4. Check the state of all the rooms. While you may not be a fan of the decor, inspect that they are ready for you to move in to right away. You will have plenty of time to put your own stamp on the property. Just make sure it is in a state that requires little work in the interim period.

5. Once your bid is successful and the process is well underway, be sure to round up any spare keys to your current home. Give them to solicitors and make sure that any regular deliveries to your house are cancelled. Change your address at all the relevant places, and get your post redirected.

6. Arrange a moving date and stick to it. Avoid weekends and bank holidays as removal firms will be over stretched and often charge more. Instead, choose a mid-week date. Make arrangements for pets and children to be looked after to relieve any extra stress.

7. Check that your belongings are insured for the removal process. This is often provided by most removal firms, but check for any exclusions and catches. If you're worried about valuable items, consider taking them yourself.

8. Why not hire a cleaner to freshen up the property before you move in? This will mean that you don't need to do any housework on your first day in the house. Moving is stressful enough without the added need to spring clean!

9. Make sure you provide the removal company with details of exactly what items you want in what room and where. Using colour coded boxes and a room plan is a great way to make sure that the whole process goes smoothly.

10. Upon moving in, make sure that everything is there that should be. Make arrangements to change the locks on the new property - just in case any keys were not handed back. Finally, be sure to enjoy your new dream home!

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