Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A Few Tips In Choosing Granny Flats

The right home for the elderly should be just the right size with all the comfy features and functions. There are many designs out there that may be too big or too complicated for an elderly couple, that's why it is wise to see all the possible features and inclusions of the flat even before it is built onsite.

If you're looking into granny flats for your folks, you can browse the website of the company to see if they have sketches or plans available. It can be exciting to see the exteriors of the flats, but seeing a couple of granny flats plans will help you figure out the structure of the home from inside and out.

Choosing the right color scheme is also important when looking for granny flats. The color of the main house should be the basis for this since you don't want a contrasting or contradicting structure in your residential lot. Choose neutral but stylish color schemes to be safe. And remember that this home is for your folks, so it is best to stay on neutral shades to give the property a classy look and feel.

When it comes to choosing the size, storey, and number of rooms, it is best to consider your parents' lifestyle and conditions. Most of the time, when people are looking at long-term homes for their elderly, they tend to stick with single-storey homes for safety and convenience. The number rooms will depend on who's living with your folks. If they have a live-in carer or a nurse, or you just want a provisioned room for the future, then, it is best to choose a two-bedroom flat for them.

For comfort features, it is best to choose a flat that will provide enough sunlight and airflow. Choose a flat with several windows or ones that have large windows at the front and side walls. Depending on your climate, you can have double-glazed glass windows for safety and function.

If it is time to build your folks' granny flat, make sure to hire a contractor who can finish the deal without problems. Be there when the construction is on-going to make this happen and to check for possible flaws in the process. It takes just a couple of days to build a granny flat or kit home, so in no time this home will be standing and ready for occupancy.

Selecting and building granny flats for the elderly are exciting activities for the family. It is a momentous time in your folks' lives to live independently. So, make it a good one for everybody and pitch in your ideas to make it enjoyable.

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