Thursday, November 1, 2012

Design Aspects To Consider When Building Your New Home By The Beach

With a beautiful view over Poverty Bay and its small-town charms, Gisborne is a popular destination to settle with a family or retire and build your own home. The city is a lot quieter than the country's main centres and residents can enjoy larger sections of land for a lower price compared to other regions. Of course, the beach and warm climate are the real reasons that people choose to move to Gisborne over other places in New Zealand.

It's a great feeling finally getting the chance to spill all of your ideas out into the planning and design of your new home. There are a lot of different things to think about and, when you've got the sun rising over Poverty Bay in the morning and the beach to think about, there's more to your build than the colour on the bedroom walls. Before you get the house builders in Gisborne started on your new home, consider a few of these design aspects and take advantage of being by the beach.

Make the Most of the View

Having your living area and master bedroom facing out over Poverty Bay will let you catch that stunning sunrise in the mornings and give you a beautiful view over the water. You might also want to consider putting bedrooms and living rooms on a second story for a better look.

Use More Windows

Gisborne boasts 2,200 annual sunshine hours - try making the most of them with your house design! Include more windows facing to the east and west; you'll save on ventilation costs by having that cool breeze travel easily through throughout the home and it'll look lighter and brighter throughout the day.

Room for Guests

The city is a popular holiday destination and you might want to prepare for a huge influx of family and friends wanting to 'spend the weekend' once the build is complete. Add a guest bedroom and entertain visitors with ease. You might just find you're suddenly the most popular person you know!

Build a Deck

Make the most of the weather and the view with an east-facing deck that looks out over the sea. It's the perfect place to fit a barbecue and an excellent area to enjoy an evening with friends. You don't even have to leave the property to have a great night outdoors! Make sure you top it off with an awning or retractable sunshade to protect yourself from the heat and ensure that the deck is perfect for use at any time of the day.

Build to suit your new location in Gisborne, New Zealand, and enjoy living in the house you've always wanted. Design your new home with the beach in mind and get more from your property.

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